the Deacon’s Daughter

Welcome to my blog! Before you read my content, it might help for you to know a bit about me. So in an attempt for you to understand my blunt sarcasm and occasional pessimism, here’s a little blurb:

Listening to the Word of God on Sunday mornings used to be nothing more than a chore for me throughout my childhood. But now that I have matured, it’s as enjoyable and insightful as it is relatable. I’ve realized that the main idea behind so many of the Gospel readings are still relevant today, thousands of years later. And I think that is part of the puzzle that needs to be pieced together when we talk about the absence of young people in the pews. They don’t want to listen to an old man talk about history and recite ancient prayers that they don’t even understand the meaning behind. It just doesn’t do anything for them. But I want to share my thoughts with you and reflect on how we are facing the same issues as the Apostles and Joseph and the Blessed Virgin Mary every day. All of the stories in the Bible have a message that can be put into a modern perspective if you take the time to think about it with an open mind. Many of us have forgotten that we are all children of God, but we are more like Jesus and the Apostles than you think. So keep just keep reading.

Currently, I work as a fundraiser for a Catholic non-profit in Cleveland, Ohio. I am the only employee in my twenties and there is only a handful of people in their thirties that work in my building, and I’ve been reflecting on that quite a bit. For instance, it’s hard enough to get young people to go to church nowadays, but it’s even more difficult to find recent college graduates who are willing to work for the church. Why is that? Is it because we are in a new age of content overload and we think that we can fulfill our spiritual needs from Youtube videos? Is it because there is too much bad crap going on in the world that we have given up on our faith? Or do we just need to grow up and in a few years the church will be full of millennials? Honestly, I don’t have a clue. But that’s part of what I plan to write about.

In college, I was one of the people that I just mentioned above. But soon after I graduated, I found myself at a point where I began to accept God as a part of my life again. It’s been one heck of a ride so far. Stepping into a church after four years of absence can be challenging, but I have acquired a whole new perspective on what mass is after being away from it for so long. I’ve realized just how much the Bible can teach us, and I have the urge to reflect on it, so here I am.